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  • Can I buy your scorebooks locally?
    More and more retailers are carrying our books. Check here for a current list. If you would like your favorite retailer to carry our products, ask them to contact us by phone or e-mail.
  • I have never kept score before. Are your books hard for beginners to use?
    Our books have simple instructions that introduce you to basic scorekeeping conventions and to the unique features of Baseball by the Numbers. In addition, every scoresheet has a diagram to remind you of how each section of the scorebox can be used. Feedback from readers has indicated that beginners have found scorekeeping with our book to be easy and enjoyable.
  • What is the difference between the Standard Edition and the Youth Edition?
    The Standard Edition – created for older youth, high school, college, and professional baseball – has space for 10 batters over 10 innings and a full range of data columns on each scoresheet. The Youth Edition was developed primarily to meet the needs of Little League® and other Youth Baseball. It will allow up to 15 batters over 8 innings, includes a pitch counter on each page, and has limited data fields.
  • Can I get a quantity discount?
    Orders totalling $270 or more (30 Standard, Youth, or Softball scorebooks) receive a 20% discount and free shipping. For large orders or questions about discounts drop us an e-mail or give us a call. We like to work with our customers.
  • How do you ship?
    We typically use U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail because it is the least expensive option and provides prompt delivery, 2-3 days anywhere in the U.S. Priority Mail allows verification of pick-up and delivery, but no intermediate tracking. For larger orders, we sometimes use UPS Ground as a fairly inexpensive alternative that allows full tracking.
  • Will you ship express or overnight?
    We will ship any way you want us to at your cost. Overnight shipping is very expensive. For example, shipping 30 books from our Tennessee zip code to California at the cheapest overnight UPS rate is $148.96. We suggest that you order your 30 books early, receive the books in a few days, and get them free under our special pricing.
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