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In recent years, highly competitive fast-pitch softball has become almost exclusively a woman’s game, primarily because of youth, high-school, and college softball, including the high profile NCAA Women’s College World Series and the immensely successful National and Olympic teams.

This exciting scorebook, one of the few dedicated exclusively to softball, was designed to be versatile enough to meet the needs of as many teams as possible. Many youth and recreational teams allow an expanded or entire roster to bat, not just those in the defensive line-up. Therefore, there is room on our scoresheets for up to 14 batters over 8 innings.


FINALLY, a scorebook designed
exclusively for softball

Softball continues to grow in popularity for players of all ages, both genders, sometimes in mixed leagues. It is played recreationally (typically slow-pitch) and competitively (mostly fast-pitch).


The book includes scoresheets for 24 games, an instruction sheet, player summary sheets, an easy-reverence batting average table, and perforated extra inning strips that provide up to three extra innings each without having to go to another scoresheet.


Created with the assistance of users of our scorebooks who score softball, the book format is a roomy 12 inches wide by 14 inches tall. It is spiral bound at the top and has a very hard, rigid back that provides a stable writing base.


For competitive teams that follow more standard rules of the game, do not require extra batting positions, and want copious data fields, we recommend the Standard Edition of Baseball by the Numbers.


The scorebox, which is the heart of the system, is almost identical to the highly acclaimed, copyrighted scorebox used in our baseball scorebooks. The only differences are that the symbols down the left side of the box include an “E” for “error” at the bottom – an addition requested by several users – and the boxes themselves are the largest we have ever included in any of our products. This was made possible by creative redesign and the expanded page width for Softball by the Numbers. For easy reference, a reminder about the use of the scorebox is located on the right edge of each scoresheet.


Player totals include at bats (AB), hits (H), and four additional columns that scorekeepers can use to keep other data as they choose. The inning summary below each inning column allows for runs, hits, errors, and two additional rows for running totals, inning summaries, or notations.


Center right is a table to track pitching data, if you wish, such as balls and strikes; pitch selection, such as rise, drop, change-up; or number of pitches per inning. Beside the pitch tracker is a space for notes to help keep game data, such as pinch runners and other substitutions. At the bottom right is a table for pitching summary data with copious data categories and room for up to six pitchers.


Spaces at the top of the scoresheet allow for team name; home or visitor determination; coach, umpire and scorekeeper’s names; date/time, playing conditions, and location of the game. At the bottom left are spaces for approval signatures.

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