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Baseball by the Numbers scorebooks at a major league game

Our scorebooks have gained a reputation as the best because we listen to our users. Your feedback has driven a series of improvements in our scorebooks and will continue to do so. We appreciate your business and willingness to share your expertise in scorekeeping and suggestions. We are always happy to hear from you by phone at (865) 686-9466, e-mail, or through our contact page. 

Customer Tom Colthurst in Iowa noticed some enthusiastic fans caught on screen during an episode of MLB Tonight. –Thanks Tom - and fans!


September 17, 2019

This [Youth Edition] is the best score keeping book ever!  It is big enough to make notes if needed. It holds 15 player spaces...amazing! But most important it has a hard back making it easy to use sitting on your lap!  We love this book and have used it for many years starting early in little league and now my son is playing D1 baseball in college!

Michelle Thomas


February 15, 2019

Our league has been using your scorebooks for years. They are the best. 

Joshua Kelley


January 03, 2019

We've been buying scorebooks from you every year for quite a few years now for Almaden Little League --- and I just wanted to say Thank YOU.

Every year it's quick, easy, and always ships w/o any issues. Thanks for the quality of the Youth scorebook, but also the logistics in filling order each time.

Rich Oubre


June 01, 2017

I love your scorebooks! I've been spoiled by them. I had to use a different book the other night and I really couldn't record everything that I wanted as well or easily. Thanks for putting together such a great product!

Tom Graham


August 17, 2016

I am the owner and head coach of a travel ball team organization in Greenville, SC. I have 8 travel ball teams from 10u-18u and over the past 5 years I used Baseball By The Numbers Score Books. My score keeper was upset when I ran out last year. She made the comment to me that there isn't a score book on the market that gives you all the options this book offers. Other score books require you to write down so many things and this score book gives you the option to just check things off and a space for almost all plays that may happen during the game. I am also the local head baseball coach at St Joseph's Catholic High school in Greenville,SC and I am buying the same score book for my school team this year. Thanks for offering a great product.

George Turmon

South Carolina

July 19, 2016

We received your scorebooks as a gift once from our children and have used them ever since for collegiate and local games. We love them! Lots of space, room for notes about weather, umpires, attendance, etc. Firm covers to lean on while writing. Just used them up and ordered some more! Thank you

Elizabeth Hoerning

New York

March 16, 2016

I have used Baseball by the Numbers for 9 years! I recently looked through an old box and found the first scorebook I ordered back in 2007, my son was 9 at the time and it was the first game he pitched! The books give you plenty of room and options to tally any and all stats you want to track. I will never go electronic as long as Barksdale keeps making scorebooks! Thank you!

Brandii Linville


April 15, 2016

A friend had a sample. It is the best book I have seen in my life for stat nerds like myself. It is also great for "older" people like me who can't see those small books. I will definitely put a review on the site.

Rob Pyle


March 14, 2016

I am from Harriman, Tennessee and live in the Panhandle of Oklahoma and we travel all over playing ball; people come up to me and ask me about this scorebook all the time. I tell my fellow Okies that it took someone from Tennessee to make this great book! Thank you all for having the best scorebooks in the business!

Brandii Linville


May 04, 2016

My son is now 16. I found this book when he was 12 and have loved and used this book since then. When he was younger it was great to be able to keep book and pitch count on the same book rather than having a book and a pitch count sheet. Every year when a new coach gives me his issued book I get rid of it and order Baseball by the Numbers. It is the best book out there!

Janet James


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