My baseball scorebook is much more than a record of baseball games

By John

Monday, October 08, 2007

I’m a Cubs fan. I know, three and out this year, and 100 years without a World Series win. That said, baseball has been an important part of my life and memories. My grandfather gave me a baseball scorebook almost 20 years ago. My father had taught me to keep score on the scorecards you buy for a few bucks at the game, and when he coached my little league team. We spent hours poring over the scorebook figuring out batting averages and plotting little league baseball strategy.

Coming from this, I bought a baseball scorebook in 1990 much like you’d buy for any local baseball or softball league. That baseball scorebook has accompanied me to every professional baseball game I’ve been to over the last 17 years. The first scorebook had room for 100 baseball games, and I filled that one by 2000. I’ve almost filled my second baseball scorebook, and they accompany me to every game, and serve to remind me of some of the best times spent with friends and family. Though my scorebooks are precious to me, I’m still considering tearing out the page that has the game three loss that completed the sweep for Arizona in this years baseball playoffs.